Marketing Rocks for your Quarterly Meetings

Marketing Rocks for your Quarterly Meetings

How to Use EOS Marketing Rocks

If you’re running on EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) you know how to use Rocks for your Quarterly meetings. We’re big fans of EOS® and are frequently asked for ideas on what marketing Rocks would look like.

Below are some marketing Rock ideas for your company. Ready for you to copy, paste, and adjust as needed.

We’ve organized these quarterly EOS Rocks by Leadership, Management, and Execution functions. Be sure to check back as we’re adding more all the time!

We hope this saves you time and keeps you focused on your marketing foundations.

Want all the samples in one place? Download the entire swipe file and copy what you need! Check back as we are always adding more!

(Last updated 03/22/22)

Rock Examples for You to Use

Cindy Skach

Cindy Skach brings more than 20 years of delivering measurable results through strategic marketing to clients. Her sales experience allows her to appreciate the value of digital marketing and build a team accordingly, while her marketing experience enables her to understand and relate to a sales team’s needs. Collaborating with many agencies over the years equipped Cindy with the insight and business savvy to launch Skach Marketing Group.