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From Clients

"Before working with Skach Marketing Group, my client was putting a lot of money into social media and online content to try to grow the company, but they didn't know how to truly measure whether their efforts were paying off - or how to shift gears if they weren't. Then they did the marketing assessment, and it was transformational. The SMG team guided them through how to build a solid foundation for their marketing efforts by first creating a vision statement, then crafting the marketing strategy around it and choosing tactics that are aligned to the goals - with built-in metrics to see if they’re hitting the mark and pivot if not. SMG did a deep-dive on all aspects of the company's marketing (including some humorously accurate first impressions of their brand vs the competition) and provided a very detailed project plan with all the follow up tasks needed to move forward; they even imported the project plan into Asana to make it as easy as possible to assign, track, and follow through on the tasks! Before, we felt lost - but now, we feel like we have a trusted partner guiding us toward success.”
Lisa Lunsford
Fractional Integrator, Wolf's Edge Integrators
"As a visionary, when I want something, I want it quick. That's how our marketing ended up this position. Thanks to our marketing assessment from SMG, I feel comfortable because we have a plan and a timeline that is doable.”
Alex Finken
CEO, Accurate Building Maintenance
"As a small consulting firm, we didn’t have any in-house marketing expertise, so we were looking to bolster that aspect of our business. Their work is of the highest quality and always exceeds our expectations from a consultation perspective. We’re impressed with their comprehensive industry and marketing knowledge and strategies.”
Clare Chisholm
VP of Operations, Enterprise Consulting, Inc.
"My client's leadership team is excited and clear about the direction of the company and I know the outcomes will benefit the bottom line as well as morale after their marketing assessment.”
Rebecca Finken
Professional EOS® Implementer
"Cindy and Michelle helped us formulate our Vision Statement and taught us how to use it. I have it taped to my wall now and regularly refer to it for decision-making. Highly recommend Skach Marketing Group and what they do for people!”
Ben Wolf
Founder & CEO, Fractional Leadership LLC
"Before working with Skach Marketing Group, I had been hyper-focused on little spots without clear goals in mind. I was ineffective in how I approached things. Now I think about solutions more creatively and in a much bigger-pictured way. Moreover, I now am able to prioritize my improvement targets, for I have a roadmap that is quantified and guides me with approximately how many hours each task should take.

Skach Marketing Group helped me stop wasting effort on things that were just shots in the dark, which cost time and money. Now, I’m focused, more effective, and I save time and money!”
Kelly Strong
Owner, Blue Moon Goodness
"Before working with SMG, we didn't have a well-defined path forward to launch our marketing program in a strategic way. Then, after our first meeting, expectations of what we were embarking on became clear. The plan was articulated, resources assigned, and immediate progress happened. While we have much room to grow on how creative we can be with the campaigns, having a solid foundation to build from is invaluable."
Dean Hill
President, VisibilEDI
"VisibilEDI knew that it needed a partner to help us understand and articulate our brand to create the best message to our markets (and a process to sustain momentum). Similar to who we are to our clients, we needed a trusted advisor to use straight talk and tough love on us to help get us organized to be able to tell our story better. SMG was that partner that helped us look at ourselves, our message and our market with more awareness. We are very pleased with the result and are gaining momentum rapidly in our market space."
Greg Sparhawk
VP Operations & Technology, VisibilEDI
"Before working with SMG, there was a sea of things that needed to be fixed. Now, everything that needs to be fixed is prioritized, contextualized with stats, and part of a structured game plan. When tackling a project this big, the tactical marketing plan design makes the big tasks (where many people are involved) very simple, manageable, and realistic. I can’t imagine trying to go through this process without this framework. The prioritized tactical plan better positions me to be able to tackle those things that need to be done now, which increases my productivity and confidence."
Stephanie Hofmann
Stephanie Hofmann
Marketing Manager, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum
"Cindy Skach was my Sales Director when I was an Inside Sales Manager at the Colorado Springs Independent. With her immediate supervision and guidance, I reduced cost of sales, and improved departmental revenue 40% year over last. Interdepartmental processes were streamlined and productivity and morale was boosted. Cindy was an amazing boss and mentor. With her quirky sense of humor, we were always able to come up with a unique way to benefit from a challenge. Her positive approach management style was greatly appreciated."
Suzie Broshous
Sales Manager and Strategic Account Manager, Lunavi
"I recruited Cindy for a marketing role with Time Warner Cable in Kansas City. She brought fresh-thinking to our business – a consumer focus when we needed to stretch beyond our early adopters. When expense budgets where constrained, she went to bat leveraging our media and venue relationships for added value. She kept our brand out front when lesser marketers would have thrown in the towel…we crushed our sales objectives. She has a unique ability to invent opportunities out of nothing. I would seize the chance to work with her again in a heartbeat!"
Bryan Goldberg
Director, Verizon Wireless
"I had the good fortune to work with Cindy during my tenure as VP of Marketing for Time Warner Cable in San Diego. As Director of Marketing she was responsible for our marketing strategy, creative design, campaign offers, marketing messaging, and communication of our product offerings to a variety of sales organizations. She was also responsible for results analysis and when needed, did not hesitate to change courses to keep sales strong. Cindy is creative, innovative, upbeat, strategic and focused on results. I highly recommend Cindy as a team player and outstanding leader who will get the job done."
Clara Long
Vice President Marketing, Time Warner Cable