It’s time to let go of the scattered marketing tactics.

It’s time to focus on marketing that has an impact on your business.

It’s time to get curious about opportunities.

Do any of these marketing challenges sound familiar?

Marketing Overspend

Are you getting results from your marketing tactics? When you have a marketing strategy in place, your marketing spend will be more focused to get the results you want for your business.

Digital Marketing Confusion

Digital is a very effective tactic if you know what you’re doing, otherwise it can be time consuming and costly. We can help you understand how to get the most of digital marketing tactics.

Limited Qualified Leads

Any lead is a good lead isn’t necessarily true, bad leads are just that and waste your sales team’s time. We guide you how to attract the right leads.

If these sound familiar, let’s tackle them together.

A Holistic Approach to Marketing

Marketing is complex with many elements.

Skach Marketing Group helps you incorporate all of the relevant marketing elements for your business using the Foundations First® Marketing Framework.

By establishing your marketing foundations in these areas, you will have clarity and focus to create a marketing strategy and get more from your marketing tactics.


Do you know what you are trying to accomplish? We’re talking specifics, not a mission statement.


How do you measure progress towards your vision? What needs to be put in place to get a clear picture of progress?

ROI & Budget

Do you know how much you’re spending on marketing, really? Is it worth it?

Brand Message

Is your brand messaging and visual identity clear and consistent?

Target Markets

Who do you serve best? Who do you love working with?

Product Marketing

How are your products positioned?

Staff & Vendors

Where are skill set gaps internally and with existing vendors?

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Is marketing set up to support sales efforts? Is the sales team providing feedback to marketing?

Strategic Partnerships

Are you leveraging your strategic partners?


Are you different from the competition? If yes, do you stand out?

Once you have these foundations in place, you’re ready to focus on your tactics and determine what’s right for your business.

Tech Stack

What tools are you using to run your marketing efforts? What can be shut off, consolidated, or updated?

Tracking & Analytics

Are you tracking meaningful metrics or spending hours reporting vanity metrics?


Is your website structured to resonate with your target market?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

(Search Engine Optimization) How do your digital assets look to Google?

Content Marketing

What content resonates with your target market? How can you get more from your content?

Social Media

What’s the most effective way to use social networks?

Email & CRM

How are you using email? Is it effective? Are you using your CRM across the company?

Paid Ads

How can you use paid ads to reach your ideal customers?

PR, AR, & Events

How should you use trade shows, speaking events, traditional PR, or analyst relations?


Do sales sheets, pitch decks, ebooks and white papers communicate the right message?

Ready to see how we can help?

Cindy Skach, Fractional CMO

With over 25 years of sales and marketing leadership, Cindy has a broad range of understanding marketing that spans from SMB’s to Corporate. From the corporate world she brings an understanding of how to tie marketing to the impact of the business. She guides SMB leaders to hold their marketing accountable, as was ingrained from her corporate experience at Time Warner Cable.

She is passionate about providing strategic marketing guidance for leadership teams to fully understand how marketing can have the greatest impact on their business. She focuses her attention on establishing a marketing strategy before tactics because that’s where she sees the most opportunity for her clients. She has enjoyed being a fractional marketing leader for 5 years.

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategic Marketing Guidance
  • Budget/Forecast Planning
  • Setting KPI’s and Core Metrics
  • Identifying Target Markets
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment

  • Team Leadership
  • Go To Market Strategies
  • Product Marketing
  • Acquisition Marketing
  • Retention Marketing

Cindy Skach Fractional CMO
Before working with SMG, we didn't have a well-defined path forward to launch our marketing program in a strategic way. Then, after our first meeting, expectations of what we were embarking on became clear. The plan was articulated, resources assigned, and immediate progress happened. While we have much room to grow on how creative we can be with the campaigns, having a solid foundation to build from is invaluable.

Dean Hill
President, VisibilEDI

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