Management Rock: Create staff & vendor onboarding process

Management Rock: Create staff & vendor onboarding process

What are Marketing Rocks?

If you’re running on EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) you know how to use Rocks for your Quarterly meetings. We’re big fans of EOS® and are frequently asked for ideas on what marketing Rocks would look like.

This Rock is ready for you to copy, paste, and adjust as needed.

We hope this saves you time and keeps you focused on your marketing foundations.

Marketing Management Rock: Create staff & vendor onboarding process

Onboarding new staff or vendors provides an opportunity to set clear expectations from the start. This Rock ensures everyone understands how you do things, what’s important, what the non-negotiables are, what quality looks like, etc.

If you onboard right, it will save you a lot of headache re-training staff and vendors down the line.

Consider using this Rock multiple times to improve your process.

Feel free to cut, paste, adjust, and use for your next Quarterly Rocks:

Rock: Create staff & vendor onboarding process

V – Vision: Staff and vendor alignment towards your vision can speed up or slow down your progress. Getting everyone on the same page, especially new staff and vendors, keeps everyone moving towards the same vision.

S – Specific: Define the scope of what to include as part of onboarding. Do you include company values, the handbook, and a welcome lunch? Be sure to include your product descriptions, target markets, brand guidelines, and your marketing strategy summary.

M – Measurable: For this Rock, your measurable may just be that the process and assets are templatized, scheduled, and ready to roll out for the next hire. 100% of all new hires should go through this process.

A – Attainable: Start simple if needed and include things like the handbook, company values, and maybe a welcome gift. You can build out more touchpoints later.

R – Realistic: If you start simple this is realistic. If you don’t have an employee handbook, then for this first go-around your onboarding Rock may only include your handbook since that requires HR and likely legal to review.

T – Timely: Define how long the onboarding process lasts. Do you include 3-, 6-, and 12-month check-ins?

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