Management Rock: Create product descriptions

Management Rock: Create product descriptions

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If you’re running on EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) you know how to use Rocks for your Quarterly meetings. We’re big fans of EOS® and are frequently asked for ideas on what marketing Rocks would look like.

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Marketing Management Rock: Create product descriptions

You may not think something as “soft” as product descriptions require a Rock, but they are critical to all marketing and sales efforts and largely never developed properly.

When we are talking about product descriptions, we’re referring to what it is (product category), who uses it (target market), what problem it solves, how much it costs, and the value proposition (the core of your marketing messaging).

These descriptions are used everywhere–in data sheets, pitch decks, web copy, ad campaigns, emails, etc. These descriptions keep messaging consistent and speed up marketing production times.

Feel free to cut, paste, adjust, and use for your next Quarterly Rocks:

Rock: Create product descriptions

V – Vision: A confused mind never buys. If you are talking about your product differently from marketing to sales and through delivery and support, it’s going to slow your growth towards your vision. Clear product descriptions ensure all departments are talking about the products in the same way.

S – Specific: Outline what needs to be included in each product description. Keep it simple and useful. Don’t make it so robust that it will just get ignored. Brevity and clarity are key.

M – Measurable: You should see decreased production time whether it’s a blog post, web page, or data sheet since the messaging is already done by product. While difficult to measure, you should feel the difference.

A – Attainable: It may be a challenge the first time you draft descriptions. They require marketing, sales, and product departments to all agree since everyone will be working from the same descriptions.

R – Realistic: Start simple and you should be able to get these done!

T – Timely: Refer to your new descriptions for all marketing materials and review them as a team to make sure they are updated every 6-12 months.

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Cindy Skach

Cindy Skach brings more than 20 years of delivering measurable results through strategic marketing to clients. Her sales experience allows her to appreciate the value of digital marketing and build a team accordingly, while her marketing experience enables her to understand and relate to a sales team’s needs. Collaborating with many agencies over the years equipped Cindy with the insight and business savvy to launch Skach Marketing Group.