Management Rock: Create brand cheat sheet and teach staff how to use it

Management Rock: Create brand cheat sheet and teach staff how to use it

What are Marketing Rocks?

If you’re running on EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) you know how to use Rocks for your Quarterly meetings. We’re big fans of EOS® and are frequently asked for ideas on what marketing Rocks would look like.

This Rock is ready for you to copy, paste, and adjust as needed.

We hope this saves you time and keeps you focused on your marketing foundations.

Marketing Management Rock: Create brand cheat sheet and teach staff how to use it

Your brand messaging, tone, values, colors, logo usage, fonts, etc. are not helpful if they only exist on a remote hard drive that no one has easy access to.

That’s where your brand cheat sheet comes in. This is a simple one-page document that gives everyone the basics to keep all assets on message and looking consistent.

Feel free to cut, paste, adjust, and use for your next Quarterly Rocks:

Rock: Create brand cheat sheet and teach staff how to use it

V – Vision: Your brand should be crystal clear for everyone. There should be no ambiguity. The look, feel, and tone of your brand needs to be consistent and aligned with the vision for your company. “Dress for the job you want” is applicable here.

S – Specific: Decide what to include in your brand cheat sheet. At a minimum it should include your logo, colors, fonts, overall brand messaging like your value proposition, and your short company description. This can also be called a “brand canvas” if you’re looking for ideas on what to include.

M – Measurable: While difficult to measure in numbers, when you do your annual brand review you should see less mismatched assets. And yes, we recommend an annual brand review to spot check your assets for consistency.

A – Attainable: While it’s nice to have a graphic designer build this, you can easily create one using something as simple as Canva. Keep it short and graphically accurate to your brand.

R – Realistic: The hardest part of this project is company-wide adoption. Be strict and make sure managers know how to compare deliverables with this cheat sheet. Everything should look, sound, and feel like your brand. If it doesn’t, managers should use this guide to explain to staff where it doesn’t match. 

T – Timely: The creation of this asset doesn’t take long but reinforcing its adoption will take the full quarter.

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Cindy Skach

Cindy Skach brings more than 20 years of delivering measurable results through strategic marketing to clients. Her sales experience allows her to appreciate the value of digital marketing and build a team accordingly, while her marketing experience enables her to understand and relate to a sales team’s needs. Collaborating with many agencies over the years equipped Cindy with the insight and business savvy to launch Skach Marketing Group.