Management Rock: Competitor analysis process

Management Rock: Competitor analysis process

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Marketing Management Rock: Competitor analysis process

Competitors change. They launch new messaging, adjust their ad strategy, and build new products.

Documenting a process to analyze the competitive landscape will keep you tuned in to the marketplace before you get left behind.

This Rock is to build your process to run a regular competitor analysis.

Feel free to cut, paste, adjust, and use for your next Quarterly Rocks:

Rock: Competitor analysis process

V – Vision: Think about your vision statement. In that future version of your company, what is the competitive landscape like? Having a process to track this landscape is critical to intentionally positioning yourself within it.

S – Specific: Decide what to look for and how often to review it. We recommend a review at least every six months of your top competitors and look at changes to product lines, pricing, messaging, and promotional activities.

M – Measurable: Track changes over time especially in terms of pricing, product offerings, and ad spend. If a competitor has tripled their ad spend, it’s worth a discussion.

A – Attainable: Make sure your team has the time and know-how to gather the information and interpret it so you know what actions need to be taken, if any. This information could alter your marketing plan.

R – Realistic: Keep your comparisons realistic. Don’t expect to get data points that only a competitor employee would know. Focus on publicly available information and keep it to the basics.

T – Timely: Think about how often it’s worth running an analysis. Does your industry change a lot? Then you might need to run your comparison quarterly.

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